DPL judges

Dance Premier League is an upcoming dance reality show which will be aired on Sony Entertainment Television. The show is gradually becoming popular even before it has been telecasted. The producers of the show promise the show to be different from the previous Dancing reality shows. What makes it different are the DPL Judges.

The names that are being associated with Dance Premier league is making it more popular. The judge panels, which are not fixed yet, are mostly from the B-Town. Bollywood celebs add up to the glory of the show. Small screen does gets enlighten by the presence of people from silver screen. This is the reason that most reality show has their judges from the B-town.

In the same way, the Dance premier league judges are also responsible for making the show so much popular much before it being telecasted on the Television.

Few big names that are being associated with dance premier league are Kareena Kapoor, Shaimak Davar, Madhuri Dixit, Saroj Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, and many more.

Though, the confirmation has come only from Shaimak, the others are still being approached. Shaimak, who has accepted and confirmed to be one of the DPL judges, is very excited about this new show. After excelling in the field of Dance and Choreography, it is really exciting to judge a talent show regarding dance, that’s what we have to say for Shaimak.

The report says that Kareena Kapoor and Madhuri including Aishwarya Rai Bacchan have also been approached for being the judges for the zonal Auditions.


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  1. 1

    show seems to be good with dawar

  2. 2

    Arshad warsi is really rude.He talk very harshly with candidates who perform in the stage and specially to handicaped persons.

  3. 3

    Shamak Dawar is the best judge in the whole show.They should take out Arshad Warsi out of the show.

  4. 4

    I liked the concept, it is same as “So you think you can dance”. This comment is for Judges with reference to East Zone. It is really sad to see judges reaction to one of the participant who had deformities.Except for Shaimak Davar, rest of all the judges argument was completely absurd. Especially Arshad Warsi should learn how to be a Judge. He acts like one of the reality shows judge in U.S. I am not going to name it. It is really sad to see in India even now we define a person with their looks, height etc, even if the person is brilliant and talented, it is very hard for them to go further in their life. Arshad should learn something from Shaimak Davar. Everyone wants their dreams to come true. If the participant is not good to go for next round, just politely tell them, just because you are judge doesn’t mean you have the right to humiliate the participant on national television.

  5. 5

    DPL show is very good platform for all people to show their talent in dance and to improve their dance abilities . I have high respect for all the judges on the panel except Mr. Arshad Warsi. As an actor he might be good but as a human being is very low creature. specially the comments on couple of candidates he made were very very degrading the soul. every body is different in their physcial appearance and no 2 persons are same even without physical handicap. for him to come out and say that God has done some mistake in some one’s creation or existance, saying very hurting remarks on their physical appearances is very wrong.
    if he cannot show empathy atleast donot hurt some’s feeling
    After watching his deterirorating remarks on the show about peoples appearances, I and several others WILL never ever see his movies in future.
    Also lot of us will not see the show any more if he continues to be on the panel.
    Mr Warsi is an arrogant , ignorant , very low creature, as I wound not even consider him as human being .
    On what basis is he judging other people. he is not a dancer.he is not Choreographer. he is not even humane.
    honest judgement of whether some one is good or bad in dance can be said in a very straight simple way,
    what in the world he thinks of himself. first become good human being, before judging somebody else


  6. 6

    arsha warsi is a stupid idiot

  7. 7

    The attitute of Arshad Warsi is really worst. Plz keep that bloody out of the show. He does not desrve to be in the judge panel.

  8. 8

    On what basis Arshad Washi has been taken in judge panel. Plz kick him out that Bloody. We don’t see him any more in your programme.

  9. 9

    Dear Organiser of DPL,
    It’s my earnest request to you, Plz kick that bloody Arshad Warsi out of this show. We really don’t want to see him any more in your show. That bastard will spoil this show.

  10. 10


    I am from U.A.E. I witnessed the DPL show shown on 23rd of Oct. It was a battle between Southern Sizzlers and Uttar Ke Puttar. I would like to say that throughout the show the judges were obviously “JAUNDICED EYE”.

    How could Uttar Ke Puttar get better score when Southern Sizzlers were far more better than Uttar Ke Putter, especially in the last round, Vijay was 100 times better than the other. But the other choreographers there felt the Uttar Ka guy was good. I was bowled to see it. It was sheer Nonsense.

    I think it is basically because the so called “Choreographers” there are so much in favor of Uttar Ke guys that they couldn’t see the OBVIOUS. If it continues I think the show will be nothing more than crap.

    Well make the show fair guys!!! The show was DISAPPOINNTING. I think the only solace was that Shaimak was at least TRYING to be fair and Rani was being a little good by giving out the Man of the Match to Southern Sizzlers.

  11. 11

    Hello, This show sucks…..its a copied off from DANCE INDIA DANCE!!!!! the Judges are sooo mean….stupid show trying to copy other shows…..did is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. 12

    arshad warsi is a dog. he himself looks like a monkey and dances like a donkey and dares to comment on so talented and confident contestents.

  13. 13

    I am glad so that so much talented people we have in our country. You people are doing great job & giving platform to them. I respect shaimak sir.. I is great man.. But this my personal humble request pls take out Rani Mukharji from the list.. You don’t need these kind of judge because you have so talented dancer & choreographer.. Pls Pls bahr nikal do usko..


  14. 14

    I am from Canada and have been a big fan of sony’s programs, and because of this reason I paid for sony.
    I watch DPL regualrly, but I am really disppointed by Rani’s judgement on recent fight for semi finals. She seemed to be so biased for Uma Gatti team members. There performence was not upto mark as per the rules of tributting the dance to someone. I totally agree with Southern Sizzlers marks and comments.
    When you are in a show someone has to go, so there is no point in creating a scene on TV for saving a team.
    She should be immediately removed from being a judge.
    According to me the worst team is Uttar ke Puttar ’cause the don’t play a fair game.

  15. 15

    right choice was for judges MS. Vaibhvi, Kareena was ok but Madhuri was perfect. But shaimak & Rani made it very bad programme. I am dance programme lover but after watching this I really dissatisfied. If a programme having judges like this obviously contestant performance will be like flop RAni

  16. 16

    I am JoHn Huby of Netu who hav posted a rewview , DPL is a Bull Crap with a awfull judge like Shiamak , Shimak himself a good choregrapher, agreed; but a bull crap judge. Rani even donot know what is dance if sony TV the makers of Boogie Woogie think that the programme DPL needs to regain 10 year fan of Boogie Woogie , Indian Idol, CID & comedy Circus… & much more from next year onwards the director of DPL have to spend some time watching the quality of DID ( dance India Dance) Zee TV. and please through out Rani Mukrjee ( fool Judge) & Shaimak ( Ego judge) from this prorgramme. The format of DPL is excellent & one of its kind. Please try to accomodate judges not less than Madhuri Dixit or similar as Rani of DPL not Rani who is not similar to Naukrani of DPL. Then, Vaibhavi Merchant, any Movie Directors as Umpire in place of Shaimak – bull crap. I am very disappointed. Thank you Sony. If producing DPL 2 please consider our comments and at least Judges should of quality to judge others… if same continues bull shit with sony TV. DID hundred times better than DPL. you may Sms me @98185 00418

  17. 17

    the show rocks i like ds show very much n wester yodhas is my favourite team