DPL hosts

A host of a Reality show has huge responsibility on his or her shoulders. Interacting with a huge mass might be easy for people, but handling a reality show with the rhythm and theme of the show becomes quite difficult. The host is the one which actually presents the show in front of the viewers, and depending on that the show gains popularity.

However, shows like dance premier league does not depend on its hosts anymore for popularity. The show is already very popular and the Dance Premier League hosts will just have to add on to that popularity. The show will be most probably hosted by the Bidai girl Sarah Khan, and her male counterpart will be the handsome and dashing Eijaz Khan.

There are many big names that are associated with the show, and hence the responsibilities on these two young but potential hosts will be quite heavy. The channel and the show producers have full confidence on both the hosts, and are sure that they will surely enhance the popularity of the show through their best presentations. But yet there has been no confirmation from either side.

Sarah and Eijaz both are unavailable to comment on this matter. As far as the show producers are concerned, no official announcements are made from their part about the DPL hosts. Only sources are adding up the information from their behalf. The audition of the show has already begun in the Northern Zone of the country.


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  1. 1

    Hello DPL,
    We all were excited to watch the show. But now after 2 episode noone is interested in watching, because of Arshad Warsi. He is not at all suitable as a Judge, & not at all in comparison of Shamak.
    His rude comments and ‘bakwass’ attitude are discouraging the viewers to watch it further. Our community in North America stopped watching the show only because of 1 bad judge. Hope our request will be taken into consideration so that we can continue to start watching DPL.

  2. 2

    I am thoroughly enjoying watching dpl. the talent displayed by these inspiring and passionate youngsters is phenomenal. yes, i do agree that arshad warsi is nt the best of judges however rani mukherjee’s portrayal of professional is mind blowing on breath taking. she continues 2 prove time and again that she is da best and the closest to perfection.